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Hi, my name is Mitch and I am passionate about using massage to help you live your best life free from pain.

Having worked in the Disability industry most of my adult life, I have seen the impacts that physical disabilities can have on a person’s body and in turn, mind. It was through this line of work that I was encouraged to study Remedial Massage. I’ve used massage as a tool to not just decrease pain and increase range of motion, but I have also seen my customers generally feeling happier and more relaxed. Myself witnessing the positive effects of massage both physically and mentally. For the majority of my life sport has played a large part. After a footy accident left me with permanent loss of vision, headaches and chronic neck pain for 10 plus years, I know the affects pain can play on your physical and mental health. Fortunately, I was able to reap the benefits that massage can provide. I can honestly say that since I have become a Remedial Massage Therapist and applying the knowledge I have learnt, my pain has subsidised dramatically. My aim as a therapist is to listen to your pain and work with you, to see you reap the benefits of massage as I have.

Massages Treatments

Remedial Massage

Uses a physical assessment of the body and multiple massage techniques to help correct imbalances. This combined with correct use of prescribed exercises, can alleviate pain and encourage your body to work to its full potential.


Usually a slower style massage that helps you unwind and feel a sense of deep relaxation. This style has been proven to help people both physically and mentally. It has shown positive effects in treating depression and anxiety. In fact a recent study has shown a one hour massage can lower cortisol (your stress hormone) by up to 30 percent!

Sports Massage

This type of massage is an athlete focused style and aims to boost an athletes performance while also treating and preventing injuries. By using a variety of techniques, Sports Massage can help reduce delayed onset muscles soreness (doms) and help you bounce back to competition more effectively. It can also be used before and after competition to promote blood flow and increase flexibility.


Myofacial decompression or most commonly known as cupping, is an effective tool to help promote blood flow, increase range of motion and decrease pain. Although cupping generally leaves some purple marks on your back, it is pain free and has excellent benefits. Cupping can be an effective addition alongside remedial, relaxation and sports massage.


Remedial Massage

1hr – $70

1hr 30mins – $90

1hr with cupping – $80

1hr 30 mins with cupping – $100

Relaxation Massage

1hr – $70

1hr 30 mins – $90

1hr with cupping – $80

1hr 30 mins with cupping – $100

Sports Massage 

1hr – $70

 1hr with cupping – $80 

90mins – $90

90mins with cupping – $100


What They Say

Mitch is by far the best massage therapist I’ve been to! He is highly skilled, knowledgeable and professional. He really helped me with my back issues and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone for both remedial and relaxation massage. Thanks Mitch!

Renee Louise

I had a massage with Mitch recently, and my experience was exceptional.

Jeffery Angco:

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